BIELY BOJOVNÍK Kennels of central asian ovcharka

About us


Kennel Abad-Abdže was officialy registered as trademarked kennel of Central Asian Ovcharka in year 2006. However our lives have been connected with dogs since early youth. In the countryside, in the house of my grandma I was growing up together with German Shepherd named Blesk and cross of Poodle Aida. After some unsuccesfull attempts to bring some pye-dog from street to our house, my dad decided to give me the most beautiful present as he could for my 11th birthday – a Wire-haired Daschhund with pedigree Ady.


By rescuing of German Shepherd – Brita I started to do the sport cynology in cynological club Nitra Mlynarce in the age of 16. By my adulthood I fulfilled my dream of getting a Great Dane – by my unforgettable dog Amon. And right during the walk with Amon I became a friend with a bitch of Central Asian Ovcharka. This dog breed has interested me so much that I started to seek so much information as possible, and to visit dog shows where I was admiring their beauty. And right in this era of my life I started to spend holidays with my 10-years-old cousin Nika, who helped me around the dogs.

Together we were visiting dog exhibitions in Slovakia and also Czech Republic. As she liked dogs and as well was not afraid of any work around them, she has become my right hand. First bitch of CAO Alma Zasvoji was brought to our parent´s house. This breed enchanted me so much that I decided to devote myself in breeding of this original kind of dogs. Thus I acquired a female named DABARA Sidi Al Bakkar and two years later MARTHY EMILI Barsuk (Džada) and in the same year also another one – ELIEZER Shah-Azim (Elča).

In these years we were, together with my cousin, actively visiting dog exhibitions. We successfully attended a lot of club, international or world shows in Slovakia and even abroad. A female of English Bulldog „Droběnka“, which I rescued from illegal breeder in bad conditions, was added to our CAO base. My desire for pure Turkmen blood has leaded me to the ANCHI Griffin´s SAO (Ňuša) at the beginning of year 2012.



The idea of establishing the friendly kennel Biely Bojovnik (White Warrior-fighter) which is owned by my cousin has come out after a female DABARA-BAI Abad-Abdže (Nijah) stayed in our common co-ownership. Besides CAO, kennel Biely Bojovnik is focused also on Dogo Argentino breed.

I started considering dog as part of my life when I was a young girl. For my entire life I met several unbelievable dog personalities, which have taught me a lot.

Czech Schnauzer – female Kika has taught me that having a dog means having duties. Despite I did not really like in those times that I had to take dog for a walk fistrly and only after that I could go out with friends. I today already know that by this Kika has taught me the very basic thing - having a responsibility for my dog.

German Shepherd female Betina with which I spent holidays in my grandmother´s house, has taught me the second very basic feature you must have with dogs and that is having a patience. Because there was not anything „easier“ than teaching Betina the command „come here“ :-D


Great Dane Amon has taught me that having a big dog means not only having a lot of worries but also a lot of joys.

CAOs Alma, Baiša, Džada, Elča has taught me that being a satisfied and happy „bros“ is possible only when dog´s upbringing is consistent and fair.

American pitbul terrier Nikita has taught me that everything you do must be done as properly as it would be for the last time. Never surrender and be a warrior (fighter)!

My fulfilled dream, dreamt since I was 12-years-old – Dogo Argentino Odin has taught me that love that you give, is twice returned back. Odin is love for whole my life, he is a friend who is always here for me, as well as I am here for him. For me he is a real dog gentleman!

CAO Nijah has taught me humility. As well as she behaves humble to me, as her leader, I also treat my dogs with respect, because I know what they mean for me, how important they are in my life.

Explanation of name Abad-Abdže

Name of our kennel is compiled by starting letters of names of dogs, which were following me throughout my life A - for Ady, B - for Brita, A - for Amon, D - for Drobenka, A - for Alma, B - for Baiša, - for Džada, E - for Elča.